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In SUNA’s New York City workshop, skilled craftsmen create jewelry of unsurpassed quality, using both tools that have changed little for hundreds of years and the most modern laser welders available. Each piece of jewelry we create results from the collaboration of highly skilled and specialized individuals.


Inspired by everything from the natural world to architectural elements, our designer first creates a rendering of the piece in pencil and gouache. Attention to scale, balance, and detail are essential components of the design’s beauty. Clasps are designed to best complement the piece, whether that means they blend in seamlessly or provide a point of focus. Earrings mirror each other, creating graceful symmetry.


Both artistry and skill are needed to transform the rendering into a three dimensional object. Many pieces are first modeled in wax, allowing each detail and texture to be accurately captured. From this wax a silver model is made, and it is this durable object that allows each platinum or 18K gold piece to embody the beauty of the original design.


Selected by hand, both diamond and colored stones are carefully matched to maximize the brilliance and beauty of the piece. The stones are then set by hand, ensuring that each one is placed accurately and held securely. Hand cut beneath each stone, the pyramid shaped opening, or a jour, allows light to reach the stone, showcasing its beauty. SUNA uses the finest components in its jewelry, which are cleaned and pre-polished prior to assembly allowing each piece to have the shine and finish that SUNA is known for.


Every SUNA creation is stamped with the SUNA trademark and a unique serial number, which serves as a permanent record of when the piece was made and by whom. SUNA craftsmanship ensures that every surface of the piece is meticulously finished. Once it receives a final polish and inspection, the gleaming jewelry is shipped to an authorized SUNA dealer. The heirloom quality piece is now ready to become a treasured addition to a woman’s collection.