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For over 70 years, SUNA has been handcrafting the most exquisite wedding bands available. While many wedding bands may look similar, SUNA rings are distinguished by their impeccable quality and workmanship. Whether you chose the most traditional channel set band or common prong set wedding band, an heirloom quality wedding ring from SUNA is a beautiful and enduring testament to your love.


SUNA always selects the best construction method for each style of ring. Employing die-striking, expert casting, or a combination of methods, SUNA ensures that each ring is durable and free of porosity, the small holes and pits that can mar the surface of some jewelry. Because of SUNA’s uncompromising commitment to quality, many steps in the construction process are done by hand.


Stones are hand selected for each individual mounting and are carefully matched. They must also be the perfect size for the mounting. The smallest error—even a fraction of a millimeter—can result in the stones not fitting. Our channel bands are set so that stones are as close together as possible. And of course each ring size in a particular style requires stones to be selected just for it!


Held not only by the channel or prongs, stones are made more secure by small, individually hand cut notches, or bearings, which hold each stone. Unlike most, SUNA hand cuts the a jours under each stone. These openings allow light to reach the stone, maximizing its brilliance. The impact of the stones is also enhanced by the “knife edge” of the channel band, in which the metal is tapered for a delicate appearance that does not compromise strength.


Once the stones have been selected and all the preparations are complete, the ring is pre-polished, before it is set. Because the area underneath the stones will be nearly impossible to access once the ring is finished, this step is necessary for the highest level of polish and shine.


SUNA offers a rich array of wedding bands. Rings are made with round brilliants, square cuts or carrés, princess cuts, and baguettes, as well as combinations of these cuts. Some are all diamond, while others include colored gems such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds. A variety of setting styles including prong set and "fishtail" set expand the selection available. Each ring, made to SUNA's exacting standards, is stamped with the SUNA trademark and a unique serial number which serves as a permanent record of when the piece was made and by whom. Sure to be cherished, a SUNA wedding band will surpass expectations.