Jewelry FAQ

Jewelry FAQ

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Why Pink Diamonds are Unique

Do you see a difference in the type of jewelry that appeals to different age groups of women?

Today the people who are wearing quality jewelry, whether they are young, middle aged or mature are the same. Younger women socialize the same way as mature women. For example, they may be getting together for lunch with friends or going to a benefit. So the type of jewelry women are attracted to should be appropriate to their lifestyle. Lifestyle is much more relevant than age. I also think that there is much more co-mingling between people of different ages. My wife and I have many friends who are either 20 years older or younger than we are.

How would you describe the Suna Look?

The Suna look is updated classic jewelry. We call it modern classics. It's smart, sophisticated and wearable. Our look includes important formal pieces as well as everyday designer collections. Our designs are wearable and lasting so essentially we are creating today's classics for tomorrow.

What is a classic jewelry piece?

A classic piece is a piece that has enduring style. It's a piece that doesn't become outdated. For example, we manufacture a small pavé heart pendant that a woman can receive as a wedding gift from her husband and still enjoy on her twenty-fifth anniversary. A classic is something that as just as much in fashion today as it will be tomorrow. It has enduring style. The worth of a classic has nothing to do with cost, only to the longevity of design.

Who is the Suna woman?

It's very difficult to define the Suna woman because Suna jewelry covers a range of prices with pieces ranging from $500 to in excess of $250,000. However, the Suna woman is smart, sophisticated and feels she deserves the best that’s available in her price range. She is someone who is not willing to compromise quality.